Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Beauty Blogger?

So yeah I started blogging for like what? high school? I started with just blogging about random things (as you would read on my previous blogs) and then I stopped, blogged, and stopped again. I became an inconsistent blogger BECAUSE of a busy schedule. And now! here I'am again pursuing my hobby in a different way. Well, when I stopped blogging I become hooked on watching "youtube tutorials" specially on make-up. Then I discovered the channels of some Filipina Make-up gurus and since then I became a make-up freak. I do wear make-up when I was on high school but just the usual like blush, pressed powder and stuff like that. I never knew what contouring, highlighting, matte, sheer means. Seriously! But now I can somehow understand the science of make-up. LOL! SOOOO I decided to make this old blog into a Beauty Blog! Ta Daaa!!! Isn't it cool? And I promise to be a really active beauty blogger now. Like imma do some hauls, reviews etc. I think that's really cool. So yeah! Be a part of this change on my blog. Ciao!

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