Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Beauty Blogger?

So yeah I started blogging for like what? high school? I started with just blogging about random things (as you would read on my previous blogs) and then I stopped, blogged, and stopped again. I became an inconsistent blogger BECAUSE of a busy schedule. And now! here I'am again pursuing my hobby in a different way. Well, when I stopped blogging I become hooked on watching "youtube tutorials" specially on make-up. Then I discovered the channels of some Filipina Make-up gurus and since then I became a make-up freak. I do wear make-up when I was on high school but just the usual like blush, pressed powder and stuff like that. I never knew what contouring, highlighting, matte, sheer means. Seriously! But now I can somehow understand the science of make-up. LOL! SOOOO I decided to make this old blog into a Beauty Blog! Ta Daaa!!! Isn't it cool? And I promise to be a really active beauty blogger now. Like imma do some hauls, reviews etc. I think that's really cool. So yeah! Be a part of this change on my blog. Ciao!

Jannah's Giveaway!

So there's this beautiful youtube make-up guru and blogger at the same time, and she's having a giveaway that'll end on DECEMBER 15, 2011. So hurry up and join too! But of course I'd like to win this myself HAHA!

the prices are the gorgeous palette from sleek called Divine Nude, a pink kabuki brush, and a lipstick from NYX called Louisiana which is so pretty!

Everyone is welcome to join but of course some rules are required. So if u wanna check out this giveaway just go to her blog! Goodluck to ME! HAHA :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

What About Being a Young Parent?

They say everything happens for a reason. And whatever the reason is, we wouldn't know until that certain thing happened.

Here's my first comeback blog after a long time. Nakaka-miss nga e, kaya eto super type nanaman ako habang tulog yung baby ko. What about being a young parent? masaya, na mahirap. At first I admit na nahirapan ako mag-adjust. to the point na parang nadepressed ako for so many reasons. Like hindi ako makasama sa gimik ng barkada, hindi makagala, hindi na makalaro ng dance revo and stuffs like that. Alam kong i shouldn't feel like that but I did. Naramdaman ko na lang suddenly na iba na nga talaga ang buhay ko. Malayo sa dating buhay ko. It's not about me alone anymore, it's about my baby and me being his mother now. Unti-unti natanggap ko na. Nasanay na din ako. I never expected na I would have a kid as early as now. But as I said earlier everything happens for a reason, and I think na yung reason e maging responsible at mas mature na ko. I'm a breasfeeding mom, and with that talagang 'di ako pwede lumayo sa anak ko. Isa pa, ayaw nya talaga sa bote. Ewan ko ba, nung pinanganak ko naman sya sa bote sya unang nag feed kasi naiwan pa sya sa nursery ng hospital. Siguro nga I'm meant to breastfeed. guh!. Pero It's ok. I'm enjoying it. Madali nga ako nag loose ng weight e. And! healthy pa si baby.

Sabi nila parang mag-kapatid lang kami ng anak ko. I don't know why pero that's everyone says. Sabi pa ng isang friend ko "wala naman nagbago sa'yo, nagkaroon ka lang ng bitbit na bata that's all". Ewan ko kung mafla-flatter ba 'ko e. Hahaha. Pero siguro nga. I can say na I'm enjoying being a mom to him. Kahit napupuyat, I'm getting used to it. Parang nung wala pa kong baby. Puyat din ako lagi, ang kaibahan lang sa kaka-computer at hindi sa baby. Madami na ko natututunan sa pagiging isang magulang. Natuto 'ko maging mas patient, understanding at higit sa lahat responsible.

Being a young parent doesn't mean that you failed in your life. It just means that you have to do more and be more responsible because you're not alone anymore in your journey to succeed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Baaaack!!!!!

Oh yeah! I'm back and I'm lovin' it.How you guys doing? I missed blogging since I got pregnant. Pinagbawalan kase ko humarap lagi sa aking p.c. hayys. but anyway I'm back not as soon as I gave birth but it's ok right?. i've been so busy being a first time mom with my 5 month old baby (exactly 5 months this coming october 29). so yeah, what's crackin'?. I guess from now on I'm gonna be more in touch with you guys. More posts, more blogs, more comments, more typing!!. wohoo! it's good to be back :)